Comfort Series Single Zone Heat Pump

The 38MHRBQ heat pump lives up to our Comfort™ series name, quickly getting up to speed to provide responsive heating and cooling. The highest efficiency model in this series, it’s the ideal solution for affordable, space-saving comfort. Properly matched with a Carrier high wall indoor unit, the 38MHRBQ can make all the difference in a room addition, converted space, or anywhere your ducted system leaves you less than comfortable.

Technical Specifications
TypeSingle Zone
Overall EfficiencyNot ENERGY STAR® certified
Cooling EfficiencyUp to 21.5 SEER2
Heating EfficiencyUp to 9.4 HSPF2
Sound Level (As Low As)53.5 decibels
Wireless RemoteNot Applicable
Energy Savings
Up to 21.5 SEER2 for premium cooling energy savings & 9.4 HSPF2 for enhanced heating energy savings.
Comfort Features
Enhanced comfort features for improved temperature control and more consistent comfort.
Minimal Installation
Because there are no ducts, installation is a breeze—no tearing open walls, patching, or repainting required!
Single-zone system
Sound Performance
Extremely quiet operation for peace and comfort.
10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration.1