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Fixed Interest Rate HVAC Financing

If you’re considering HVAC financing the options can get confusing because there are a lot of options out there. Hopefully, we can help you learn more about your HVAC financing options and help you make the best decision for your home and family.

There are three options when it comes to HVAC financing:

  1. Revolving Credit HVAC Financing – Revolving credit cards are usually what you will get when you use a big box store as a middle-man when purchasing a new HVAC system. These store cards are convenient, but they also can lower your credit score because they are known as “Revolving Credit.”

    For instance, one way this could affect your credit score is if they issue you a $6000 card and you have to use all of it to install your new HVAC system. It will then appear that you are “maxed out” on your credit report. Then of course you have the variable interest rates. These variable rates have a tendency to always go up.

  2. Fixed Rate Loans (We call it Benji financing) – Fixed rate loans are issued through finance companies like Finance Home America. These loans appear as an installment loan on your credit bureau (just like a car loan). Meaning there is a beginning and an end to the payments. These types of loans do not affect your credit score, unless you are overloaded with other debt. These loans often have 0% interest and $0 down options just like the revolving credit cards have, only the interest rate will be fixed for the life of the loan.

  3. Home Equity Loans – Home Equity loans are an interesting combination of credit card revolving debt and fixed rate loans. The difference is that you are securing the loan with the equity in your home, which means, that should you not repay the loan as agreed, your home can be taken as collateral. Most of these loans require a mortgage application, income verification and means-testing.

Compare: how Benji HVAC financing stacks up.

HVAC financing

Payment Estimator

Loan Amount
Minimum loan amount is $2000
$2,000 $30,000
Loan Term
Loan terms available: 60 mos (5yrs), 84 mos (7yrs), 120 mos (10yrs), 144 mos (12yrs)
60 months
84 months
120 months
144 months
Estimated Payment:
Interest rates and payments are estimates and are subject to change.
Estimated Rate:

Apply online and get an instant decision. Applying will not affect your credit.

Complete an online application here or in the comfort of your own home, and get your results in minutes. Explore HVAC financing options with multiple term lengths and calculate payments without affecting your credit. Get your project started with $0 down, and no interest – no payment plans up to 18 months.2 Calculator is an estimate, rates and monthly payments will differ for each person.
HVAC financing

All Quotes Are Not the Same.

At Climatrol Air we pride ourselves on being different, and one way we do this is the way we handle new and replacement HVAC system quotes and HVAC financing. Most of the area HVAC companies use a dedicated sales team that works on commission to come to your home and give you a quote.

At Climatrol Air, we do not use commissioned sales people. When you get a quote from us it will be from a NATE Certified technician, not a salesperson, who can expertly determine exactly what type of system your home needs. We will also guarantee it to be the lowest price by at least $100!

Become our customer instead of a “lead” …

To be clear, we are not necessarily saying that HVAC companies that use a sales force instead of trained techs to sell their new systems are any less competent or trustworthy than us. What we are saying however, is that when problems arise, particularly in this industry, it is usually directly attributed to a miscommunication between the installers and the sales person.

Our owner, Doug Mazursky, a 29 year veteran in the HVAC industry, used to work for one of the larger sales-force driven companies. As a NATE certified tech, he notes that the largest problem he found was when one of the the sales people estimated that your house needed an “example 1” type of system and when in fact it needed an “example2” type of system. When this happens, the process, as well as your comfort, gets delayed. Or worse, the wrong system gets installed anyway and has to be corrected.

This miscommunication usually happens for one of two reasons. The first and most common reason is because of the inexperience of the sales person. The other reason is because the sales person is “selling to their inventory.” This means the their company has too many “example 1” systems or not enough of example 2 systems in stock and they have been told, or incentivized, to “move” example 1 systems. When this happens you may, or may not, get the best system for your home.

At Climatrol Air® we work with a seven day rolling inventory as opposed to a quarterly inventory like the bigger companies. The downside of this strategy is that sometimes, at very busy times, our customer may have to wait an additional day to have their new unit installed. The upside is: we will always install the latest and most up to date system for your home and it will always be the best system for your needs as opposed to a system we need to “move.”

These examples are not uncommon to sales force centric business models. In fact, if you look at the bad reviews for any HVAC company, you’ll see that almost every bad review can be directly attributed to “he said, she said” or the salesperson over-promising and the company under-delivering or the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Climatrol Air® will never have this problem because we don’t have salespeople. We just have NATE certified techs who quote your job and then install your new system. There can be no miscommunication.

1No hard credit check required to receive pre-approvals or calculate terms and payments. Benji hard credit check occurs after terms are selected before financing documents can be signed. LendingPoint™ hard credit check occurs after financing documents have been signed.

2 No payments are required during the special financing period following project completion. Thereafter, substantially equal monthly payments are required for the remainder of the financing term (60 months) or until the unpaid balance of the amount financed is paid in full. Interest will accrue during the promotional period, but will be waived if the amount financed is paid in full prior to the expiration of the special financing period. Benji special financing plans not available in some states.

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